Forbes: Meet Yves Bollanga CEO of Afrotainment, The Man Televising African Home Entertainment in the USA

Meet Yves Bollanga, The Man Televising
African Home Entertainment in the USA 

New York, NY - Tuesday, April 16, 2013
The former IBM Software engineer is building an ambitious family of television channels bridging the cultural gap amongst all the Black communities in North America.
Yves Bollanga - Afrotainment channels founder
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About The Afrotainment Family of Channels
The AFROTAINMENT Family of channels is a New York-based network of (6) six Television channels dedicated to broadcast the best Afro-centric content for the highly coveted African-American/Black communities in North America. Afrotainment channels are available on DISH, Optimum Cablevision, Roku, Google TV and Android devices. Visit

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